Remembrance Church Fort Worth

9500 Chapin Rd, Fort Worth Texas 76126
Services Sabbath (Saturday) 10 &11Am

A ministry of the SouthWest Association of Seventh Day Baptist

A group of Churches in the SouthWest who meet once a year for fellowship and collective ministry options.  We created a seperate web page to help people in the 3-4 state area find a local group.


Each June, usually the first weekend, the churches meet together to fellowship and plan collective ministries for the next year


Association meetings are usually held in the first week of June, at different Churchs in the group.

Next meeting

2024 will be hosted in Arkansas by the Texarkana Sabbath Fellowship.


The following link will open up the web page for
Each Church is totally autonomous, but we cooperate for fellowship and ministries. This link is to help find local Sabbathkeeping Baptists

Seventh Day Baptist Conference

Remembrance is a member of the National conference of Seventh Day Baptist

SDBs are evangelical Baptists who hold to keeping the seventh day Sabbath of the Bible as sacred time. From our first church in America, founded in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1671, until today, Seventh Day Baptists have been a Christ-centered, Bible believing people with traditional family values.
Seventh Day Baptists are a family. We enjoy a love for Jesus and one another with an intimacy that makes us a family, even though we are spread from coast to coast in North America. And, there is room for you in our family! Attend the Seventh Day Baptist church nearest you. Even more, our invitation to love one another moves us beyond being a spectator and into being an active disciple of Jesus Christ. This invitation is not simply to live out our faith on our own, but within the blessing of Christian community, within a family of fellow believers.

 In addition to the opportunity to participate in a local Seventh Day Baptist Church, there is also the opportunity to volunteer in ministries that partner local churches with the General Conference. Initiatives to plant churches, revitalize churches, develop leaders, and saturate all that we do with the gospel provides plenty of opportunities to engage in mission with your SDB family. Here is your invitation to actively advance God’s Kingdom together. If you would like information about specific ways you can volunteer, let us know:

And one more invitation. If there is not a church in your area, contact the Seventh Day Baptist Center. God may be calling you to start a new Seventh Day Baptist work. If you have been praying for a Seventh Day Baptist church near you, you may be the answer to that prayer. Please take the initiative right now and notify us at