Tribute to Dr Bill Burks

Bill Burks was a Bible Scholar who was a fantastic Teacher and Preacher.  Pastor Bill Burks' ministry was varied. He taught Sabbath school and delighted in explaining Bible principles. He studied Greek and Hebrew and enjoyed sharing insights from both languages.
Pastor Burks prayed for people and preached in a way that even children could understand the gospel message. He brought concepts of faith down to their level and still kept the interest of their parents.
Pastor Burks went out of his way to assist folks when necessary and worked with church leaders to present a united front to the community. He had the skills from his secular job to reach people with the Word of God.
Pastor Burks adhered to sound doctrine and could explain where cults may deviate from the simple New Testament faith of the time of Jesus Christ.
A leader at our church conference summed Pastor Bill Burks up in just two words one year: "Good thinker."
While living in Little Rock, Arkansas as a member of the Little Rock Seventh Day Baptist Church and working for Motorola, Bill found a Missionary Baptist Seminary. There it was possible for him to go to school at night where he eventually attained an AA degree in Bible, and then a bachelor's degree in Bible. He went on to a Master's Degree in Theology. Finally,  gained his doctorate in Biblical Languages in 2002.

"From 1985 to the year 2000, I preached at the Seventh-Day Baptist church in Little Rock Arkansas. During that time, I shared the pulpit at the Little Rock SDB Church. In 2000, I moved my membership to Faith Seventh-Day Baptist church where I was a faithful member of the Doniphan, MO church for several years. In 2005, I traveled to Fort Worth twice monthly to preach. (Since then, I was asked to preach in view of a call in Ft. Worth and Ashaway, RI. I accepted the call to Remembrance Seventh Day Baptist Church where we became members and have been since 2006. During my time in Ft. Worth, I have been accredited by the denomination as a pastor. This has been recently renewed. I pastored there for 14 years, having recently resigned as Pastor and retired in Aug. 2019.  I am a Seventh Day Baptist, a Sabbatarian, and a Baptist, but most of all I am a follower of Jesus. I know that God has given me gifts and talents. I believe he has called me to the ministry."

Bill passed away in 2020, but his teachings are timeless.  Thanks to his family for allowing us to share his teachings.
Please feel free to read and study his earlier teachings and publications.  For more information, drop us a comment or email and we will try to answer as quickly as possible.