Have it your way


Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
Special orders, don’t upset us
All we ask is that you let us serve it your way
Have it your way.

Ah a company who cares! Burger King ran this commercial around 1974. Battling McDonald’s with the “Have it your way” campaign in 1973, Burger King put their service in the spotlight with the jingle, “Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce. Special orders don’t upset us.” The campaign increased ad awareness by 50%. The Little King was retired, and “Have it your way” was adapted to target children with ad efforts tagged “All kids are different” and “Pickle-less Nicholas.”

And now…almost 50 years later… we have a church population that wants Church their way!
There have been differences in worship styles from different denominations as long as I can remember. Different hymns, different clothing styles, different theological emphasis.  But never held hostage by the visitor and membership like today.  Churches are having to rely on gimmicks to appease the crowds.  Coffee bars, rock bands, carefully worded sermons to make people happy.

1974 was the “coming out” of the “have it your way” cultural revolution, and it is in full swing and hitting us like a tsunami.  People are leaving the church because it does not cater to their desires.
The purpose of Worship is not to attain an emotional high, to placate the flesh, or be entertained. It is not a theater stage for dramatics or performance. The purpose of worship is to honor, glorify, and praise our holy God. John 4:23-24; Mark 7:6-13.

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